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1851 Vineyards

The Family

John and Dabs Hollimon

Dabs (formerly Dabs Brown) and John Hollimon are proud products of the hill country and have long backgrounds in farming and ranching.  Dabs, who spent much of her childhood in Harper on a ranch, moved to the farm in Fredericksburg during high school.  John, growing up in Kerrville, helped out on local ranches and farms to supplement his love for playing and coaching baseball.  John and Dabs both received their Masters degrees in education and have spent much of their careers as public servants in the school system in San Antonio.  Very much excited to be back in the hill country, they are starting new careers in their “retirement”.  True patrons to continuous learning, they are learning as they take on new endeavors as entrepreneurs, wine makers, and viticulturists.  A truly unique path for this truly unique family!  John and Dabs receive much labor and comic relief at the farm from their children Jeska (married to Joshua), Julie, and twins Jordan and Drew (married to Kristen).  John earned his Viticulture Certificate from Texas Tech Univeristy and is in charge of the vineyard operations while Dabs earned her Winemaking Certificate and helps lead the winemaking process for 1851 with John Rivenburgh.  Dabs is often found in the tasting room explaining the winemaking process while John is often found in the tasting room demonstrating the wine drinking process.

Josh and Jeska Haggerty

Jeska, the first of the Hollimon offspring, is a graduate of Texas A&M University where she met her husband Joshua. They have 2 children JackieJo and Johlt. Jeska is a former head Volleyball coach in San Antonio, Texas. She recently moved to Fredericksburg with her family to help the family’s dream come to reality in carrying on the legacy of this family farm and historic piece of property. She is now the General Manager of operations and also helps with the vineyard. Her enthusiasm and passion for detail helps her excel in creating great experiences for our customers.  Josh has a history in IT management and IT architecture and helps with a variety of jobs at the winery, including the website and drinking any and all bulk wine.  Jackie Jo is a brainiac that plans to be the first female yell leader at A&M and the first female President of the United States.  Johlt, on the other hand, will often be found assisting on the tractor or fork lift, and is currently working on his license to work heavy machinery by the age of 5.

Julie Hollimon

Julie is a graduate of Texas A&M Univeristy and now runs a prosthetic office in Waco, Texas.  With her sister, she conceived the concept to start a winery while on a hill country limo wine tour on her birthday.  She helps out at the winery on weekends, working in the vineyard or serving in the tasting room, reminiscent of her bartender days in College Station.  Her dog, Harley, and her are excellent hunters and she is also a superior washer thrower.


Jordan Hollimon

Jordan, one of the Hollimon twin brothers, is a graduate of Texas Tech University and has worked in the wine industry for years at different venues.  He is 1851's social media manager and is also active in the Gillespie County Leadership program with the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce.  He is also working on his WSET wine qualification and has completed his level 1 certification.  Jordan is an avid reader and loves the film industry.  If you see him in the vineyard, he is either working or looking for Pokemons.


Drew and Kristen Hollimon

Drew and Kristen Hollimon were married in 2014.  Drew, the other of the two Hollimon twin brothers, is a graduate of West Texas A&M University and now works in Midland in the oil industry.  Kristen, who graduated from the Univeristy of Tennessee where she was a member of the award winning Tennessee Dance Team, now runs a dance studio in Midland.  Both Drew and Kristen are excited to a be a part of growing the Texas wine industry.  The party usually follows this couple as they always bring in workers for a fun plant and a fun harvest.

The Vineyard Paw Crew

The Vineyard Paw Crew is composed of 3 dogs.  Duke is the vineyard veteran, a dog from the San Antonio pound, at 14 human years he roamed the vineyard grounds before there were vines.  Moving out to the vineyard in 2015, he had renewed life and was chasing ATV's again and drinking from the mud puddles.  His eyes and hearing not being what they used to be, he moved back to his home in Fredericksburg but still makes it out occasionally to the farm to drink from his fountain of youth.  He's not as good as he once was, but he is as good on occasion as he ever was.  Harley, a Catahoula from the Hill Country SPCA, is known for his hunting adventures, often finding skunks and racoons around the vineyard and farm.  His hunting adventures often lead him off the farm and down the creek, where you will see someone trailing on a four wheeler calling for him.  It's the winery joke we have on where in the world Harley is and what "kill" he will be coming back with.  Bessie, a pedigree bulldog, has the precious look of a cow and fits in well with farm theme.  She is a young pup that is learning the ropes of the vineyard to earn her stripes into the paw crew.

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